MATTE effect in Lightroom

In today’s video we will see how easy it is to make the matte effect in Lightroom. This effect is very common in more classic photo edits and a different whole in the photos.

MATTE effect in Lightroom – Learn how to make this classic effect

Also known as the matte effect, very common in photographs with a more vintage feel, the matte effect will make your portraits look really cool. In Lightroom it is very simple to create this effect and for this we will learn to use the dreaded tone curves. The tone curves control more than one aspect in your photos.

In addition to controlling the overall brightness of the photo, the tone curves can also control the contrast and the brightness and contrast in the individual, using the red, green and blue channels.

The tone curve is a very powerful tool and it is worth learning how to use it correctly. Because once you master it, it will help you do color correction in a very simple way and help create unusual effects. In the video at the top of the page I will show you how to use the Lightroom tools to create the matte effect in your photos, just press play up there.

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Written by Rix Mascarenhas

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