The Best Full Frame DSLR Cameras of 2017

Full-frame DSLRs have been the choice cameras for photographers looking for the best image quality and performance, and here are the top Full Frame DSLR cameras of 2017.

There are many different models that can be bought at a reasonable price. In comparison with APS-C and smaller image sensors, full frame sensors allow individual pixels to be physically larger, so that they can gather more light.

This gives the potential for relatively low noise images, even with high ISO settings. Alternatively, camera manufacturers can pack full-frame sensors with more megapixels for better rendering of details and textures.

As full-frame cameras also allow a very narrow depth of field, which is a good choice for portraits. Therefore, there are many reasons for creative photographers to choose these models, but not always there is room for it in everyone’s pocket.

Therefore, it is worth investigating the entire range of the market to ensure that you are obtaining the best model for your needs.

The Best Full Frame DSLR Cameras of 2017

1. Canon EOS 6D – Good and cheap

melhores câmeras DSLR Full Frame
This veteran who still have some life

Type: DSLR | Sensor: complete quadro | Megapixels: 20.2MP | Lens mount: Canon EF | Fabric: 3in fixa, 1,040,000 points | Viewfinder: Optical |, Maximum Exposure Speed : 4.5fps | Maximum Video Resolution: 1080p | User level: enthusiastic / professional.

A EOS 6D is a veteran of the full frame DSLR market. On the positive side, this is the cheapest camera in this list and we have a huge range of lenses. It still has built-in GPS and Wi-Fi that makes life a lot easier.

However, the EOS 6D has a relatively low megapixel count of 20.2 MP, and its old-fashioned autofocus system offers just 11 autofocus points. The same with a modest megapixel count and the DIGIC 5+ processor, it offers images with little noise and also has a good dynamic range.

You can opt for the newer version, a Canon EOS 6D MKII, but taking in account the invested money on the first version, 6D, still has a place on our best Full Frame DSLR Cameras of 2017.

2. Canon EOS 5DS

melhores câmeras DSLR Full Frame
More megapixels than any other full frame DSLR

Type: DSLR | Sensor : full frame | Megapixels: 50.6MP | Fabric: 3.2in fixo, 1,040,000 points | Viewfinder: Optical | Maximum speed of exposure : 5 fps | Maximum Video Resolution : 1080p | User level : professional

The EOS 5DS is practically identical to the old EOS 5D Mark III in appearance and external handling, which is not bad. Canon, however, redesigned the newer version to have a more rigid body, but also slightly more light, and it has a new shutter unit. To capture texture and  details the EOS 5DS is simply epic.

True, some Canon EF lenses are not listed as approved for use with this camera because they are not sharp enough to justify their huge sensor. Unfortunately this camera does not work with very high ISO settings, it produces a lot of noise, maybe due to Canon limits its ISO at 6,400. Optimal camera but not necessarily the best choice for those who are going to use it in low light situations.

3. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
Horse for all races

Type: DSLR | Sensor: complete quadro | Megapixels: 30.4MP | Fabric: 3.0-inch fixed touchscreen fabric, 1,620,000 points | Viewfinder: Optical | Maximum speed of exposure : 7fps | Maximum Video Resolution: 4K | User level: professional

The sensor on the last generation of the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is based on the construction of the famous EOS 5D Mark III and it is a recipe for the succession of this camera. The updated autofocus system now also has the Dual Pixel technology, and it makes life infinitely easier at the time of making videos.

The weather sealing also was updated so you can use this camera in any situation.  It also counts with Wi-Fi, NFC and GPS. 4K video capture is also available, and it does produce excellent results, even as the full sensor size is not used to record 4K.

4. Nikon D610 – A cheapest full frame from Nikon

Nikon D610 - A full frame mais barata da Nikon
Age doesn’t mean old

Type: DSLR | Sensor: full frame | Megapixels: 24.3MP | Fabric: 3.2in, 921k pontos | Viewfinder:   Optical | Continuous: 6 fps | Maximum video resolution: Full HD | User level: enthusiastic / professional

The Nikon D610 is in addition to Nikon’s cheapest full-frame DSLR, and it does not require two or more full time jobs to acquire one, it is worth considering. Of course, you cannot do all the extravagant tricks of the D750 (below), such as a tilt screen or Wi-Fi, but you also get a 24.3MP full frame sensor, two card slots, Full HD video and a beautiful viewfinder. 

With excellent image quality, the autofocus system works very well, despite not being the latest module offered by Nikon nor the fastest. A D610 would be an optimal full-frame camera, or, alternatively, a backup body capable of doing most of what an advanced body does.

5. Nikon D750

Nikon D750 - melhores câmeras DSLR Full Frame
Versatility, value and great image quality

Type: DSLR | Sensor: full frame | Megapixels: 24.3MP | Fabric: 3.2-inch slant fabric, 1,228,800 points | Viewfinder: Optical | Continuous shooting speed : 6.5fps | Maximum Video Resolution : 1080p | User level: enthusiastic / professional

With all its versatility and quality of the D750 is Nikon’s favorite choice for many photographers. The 24 MP sensor includes an optical low-pass filter to protect against moiré patterns and false colors, and is coupled with an EXPEED 4 processor.

This is still counted with a tiltable screen and capacity for two memory cards. On the inside, Nikon provides a camera with a 51-point AF system, Wi-Fi and an option to shoot at 6.5 FPS as the best image quality, this makes this camera a very respectable camera.

The low light capabilities are good but not impressive. If you compare the price versus the image quality it’s easy to understand why this camera is one the be first choices for those looking in Nikon’s full-frame line. 

6. Nikon D850

Nikon D850 - melhores câmeras DSLR Full Frame
WIth a 45.7MP sensor, fast focus and shoot 4K video, the D850 really does all

Type : DSLR | Sensor: Full Frame | Megapixels : 45.7MP | Fabric: 3.2 inch touch sensitive fabric, 2.6 milhões de pontos | Viewfinder: Optical | Continuous shooting speed : 7fps | Maximum Video Resolution : 4K | User level: professional

It’s hard to think of a camera that has had such an impact among photographers like the D850 in recent years, and it certainly ranks among the best Full Frame DSLR cameras of 2017.

In addition to two DSLRs with high image resolution, high speed continuous autofocus and a good low light performance the D850 is a very well rounded camera. With its 45.7MP sensor, 7 fps continuous shooting mode and the same 153-point AF system that won many fans when it first appeared on the D5, the D850 is a camera monster, adding to the list of qualities, the 4k video recording using the full sensor.   

Perhaps the only disadvantage of it is in the price, because it is one of the most expensive models of the brand, besides that almost none of the cameras are able to compare to this camera today.

If the price is an issue for you you can still opt for the D750 or even the D810 which are great options.

7. Pentax K-1

Pentax K-1 - melhores câmeras DSLR Full Frame
High quality reserve bench player

Type : DSLR | Sensor: full frame | Megapixels: 36.4MP | Fabric: 3.2-inch rotating fabric, 1,037,000 points | Viewfinder: Optical | Continuous shooting speed : 4.4fps | Maximum Video Resolution: 1080p | User level: enthusiastic / professional

Despite a very reasonable price, robust and sealed body and full of advanced features and shooting controls the Pentax K1 is not well known to the general public. The K-1 has a considerable 36.4 MP count for modern cameras and has a beautiful articulated rear screen that can tilt laterally and vertically.

Image stabilization right in the body makes it one of the few DSLRs with this feature, which will help you take much sharper photos. The image quality is very good, but there is a lot of noise when you require more of the ISO adjustment.

Features like GPS and Wi-Fi are already integrated into the body making it a great option for those who post a lot of photos on social. Autofocus is accurate, but it doesn’t compare to Canon and Nikon cameras to track subjects in fast motion.

The big ace in the sleeve of the Pentax K1 is its price, which due to the quality it delivers is absolutely great compared to its competitors.

8. Sony Alpha 99 II

Sony Alpha 99 II - melhores câmeras DSLR Full Frame
Resolution, speed

Type: DSLR | Sensor: full frame | Megapixels: 42.4MP | Fabric: 3-pole rotating fabric, 1,228,800 points | Viewfinder: EVF (electronic) | Continuous shooting speed : 12 fps | Maximum Video Resolution: 4K | User level: enthusiastic / professional

Larger and more robust than the A7R II mirrorless system camera, the A99 II is not strictly speaking a DSLR, but close enough in design and intent. It offers safer and better balanced handling with most full frame lenses than its smaller sisters in the Sony A7 line. 

It has a hybrid autofocus system, unlike the A7R II, it includes phase detection in the image sensor (399 points) and a separate AF module (79 points). Direct image stabilization features on the sensor with five-axis changes, as well as a 2.36 MP OLED electronic viewfinder, while the rear screen offers complete articulation instead of just vertical tilt.

The camera also has a continuous 12fps shot, great for any sports photographer, in addition to having a very good real-time subject tracking system. In recent years Sony has moved away from its SLT bodies to pay more attention to its compact A7 and A9 system camera lines, which puts the system’s future in doubt.

Still, for now, the A99 II can be considered one of the best DSLR Full Frame cameras of 2017, even though it is not exactly a DSLR.

If you are migrating to the full frame system or just want to compare a new body these are the options you will have this year, and all of them are very good options. In my camera suggestions for 2017 you will find all of them.

And don’t forget to see the most current version of this list, just click here.

Any questions leave here in the comments.

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