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THE BEST plugins for LIGHTROOM – Nik Collection

We are not always able to do everything we need using just software, and having the best plugins for Lightroom available will change the way you view and edit certain images.

Plugins are programs that extend the functions of the main software, some of them work only within the main software, while others can function as standalone programs, without the need for parent software.

We often need specific resources within the program we use, but these resources are not always available, or are of dubious quality. So this is the moment when we have to outsource the service to some external plugins.

One of the collections of plugins for both Photoshop and Lightroom is the NIK collection , which is very cool. This collection of plugins includes plugins for black and white photos, plugins to work on the sharpness of images and a few others that are worth checking out.

In this week’s article you will discover the most powerful collection of plugins for Lightroom.

BEST plugins for LIGHTROOM

Here in this video you can see a little of the Nik Collections Plugins in action, unfortunately these plugins cannot be downloaded for free anymore after the sale to DXO , but you can still download the trial version and if you like the results, invest in something that has the potential to change your photos in the blink of an eye.

If you are the type who thinks that all the adjustments that Lightroom has are still insufficient, you have to know the best plugins for Lightroom.

In my opinion nothing better that has extremely useful and functional tools and on top of that you don’t pay anything for them.

That’s where the Google Plugins series, Nik Collections, comes in, which is usually a series of plugins for, but today it is free for all Windows and MAC users.


Featuring 7 plugins for specific uses, the NIK collection is a very powerful tool in your photo editing and arsenal. Many great photographers use this collection to achieve even better results in their photos.

And by the way, many of them hide this secret!

So if you are curious to know how the best plugins for Lightroom work, I advise you to download the collection now. They all integrate perfectly with both Lightroom and Photoshop, and they have many options for manipulating photos that are very easy to use.

Analog Efex Pro

Os melhores plugins para Lightroom

Analog Efex Pro is much like filters in many mobile applications, but much more powerful.

It will help you create all aspects of a vintage camera, with control over almost every aspect of the photo. It is very worthwhile to spend some time playing with the settings of the Analog Efex Pro, to create images with a more classic face.

Silver Efex Pro

Os melhores plugins para Lightroom

Silver Efex Pro is arguably my favorite tool for black and white or sepia photography.

With it you have less control when compared to the Analog Efex Pro, however all settings are intended for black and white photography.

Indispensable tool for those who love black and white photography. All adjustments can be saved in recipes, just like Lightroom presets, to be used in photographs in the future.

Color Efex Pro

Os melhores plugins para Lightroom

Don’t like black and white photos? Okay, you can use Color Efex Pro. Totally destined for color photography, the Color Efex Pro is one that you can’t pass up either.

Working with a powerful filter overlay, Color Efex Pro will help you create visuals that you won’t find anywhere. Also working with recipes, or presets, you can use Color Efex Pro on many photos and have complete control over your photos.


Os melhores plugins para Lightroom

You may be a little confused here, as Viveza does almost the same job as Color Efex Pro, but it is different.

Working directly on the colors you select VIveza uses a powerful algorithm to create a mask without you having to select anything!

This makes editing in specific colors much faster and more intuitive. Want to change the color of the sky? No problem Viveza will help you do this in just a few clicks, leaving you much more free and with time for the artistic part of the photo.

HDR Efex Pro

Os melhores plugins para Lightroom

I could use a series of bad words here as adjectives for this plugin, but I will use only one word, absurd!

HDR Efex Pro does practically all the hard work for you when it comes to HDR photos.

With an incredible selection of HDR filters, it is capable of creating images with subtle adjustments and also producing images that border on the surreal.

Most of the time the only thing you need is to select the photos you would like to take in HDR and choose a recipe, ready quick and easy. But if you want to make more refined adjustments, it also has a very precise point adjustment system.

These one-off adjustments are present in all NIK plugins.

I believe that HDR Efex Pro is by far the best HDR plugin option for Lightroom that you will find, especially when price is something to worry about.

Sharpener Pro

Os melhores plugins para Lightroom

Here we have an image finishing plugins, and the work of the Sharpener Pro is simple, to bring more clarity to the photo.

Of course, when it comes to sharpness, nothing compares to a good lens and a well-taken photo. However, many times we need that touch more clearly and then the Sharpener Pro comes into play!

With it you can also work with localized sharpening adjustments, which is a hand on the wheel in some photos. We must not forget that all plugins that work with sharpness adjustments can add noise to your photos, leaving them grainy if you abuse the adjustments.


Os melhores plugins para Lightroom

Since we have a tool that can add grain to your photos, how about one that helps you control, or even disappear with noise?

This is the work of Dfine, a very powerful tool when we are treating photos that photos taken in low light and we had to abuse the ISO of the camera.

The Dfine is one of the best reducing noise category, and will help you a lot on many occasions. It is clear that the more noise the plugin or adjustment takes from the photo, the more clarity is also lost.

So it is always worth giving that adjusted carefully in order to maintain balance, after all in some cases the noise can be very cool and aesthetic.

Best plugins or filters for Lightroom

Definitely the NIK Collections series takes this post, in my opinion as a rotten boy, not only for what it can do, but also for the cost and integration with Lightroom.

If you have doubts I advise you to test it, and if you like it you can invest and guarantee one of the collections of plugins for Lightroom most used in the photography market. If you want to see one of these boys in action before downloading, take a look at the videos below where I am using Silver Efex Efex Pro!

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And as during the post we talk about recipes and Presets, please call to join my Preset list, in this link , where every month I will leave Lightroom presets for free for those who are registered!

And do you use Nik Plugins? Leave your opinion in the comments!

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