Best Photo Editing Services – Why Do We Need Them?

Do you use photo editing services? Or you feel like you’re living in front of your computer and Photoshop? Stop it and join other photographers who are using outsourcing.

This is a hot topic for photographers of various genres nowadays. Many of them are addressing photo editing services during the busy part of their work season.

But there are many questions regarding the cost and worth of outsourcing.

So, let’s find out all pros and cons of online professional photo services and determine what image editing service is ordering by photographers most often and why.

What is photo editing service?

photo editing services

Outsourcing photo editing means editing your images by external retouching services. Making corrections in Photoshop can be the most time-consuming part of your workflow, so by outsourcing this stage, we can save much time.

Speaking about the concrete image editing service itself, it includes basic color correction, resizing, cropping, portrait photo editing, adding special effects as dodging & burning, spot removal, background change, etc.

In addition to photo editing services, the company can offer freebies as Lightroom presets, Photoshop actions, overlays, textures, raw banks with different photos to train photo retouching your own.

Also, you can see jobs vacancies or scholarship programs being offered by them.

photo editing services

Professional photo services PROS

Usually, the retouching is performed at the highest level and matches your photographic style. All your comments should be accepted, and you are always satisfied with the result, if not – you ask for free revisions.


You spend a lot of time editing photos that could be spent on real profit. You might think that the outsourcing will cost much money, but in fact, your time is more expensive.

Imagine, you spend 10 hours to process 50 photos. The average cost of 50 portraits retouching at photo editing service Fixthephoto is about $50.

This is $5 per hour. Is it really worth your time? Relax and spend your free communicating with friends or family.

photo editing services

Even if you’re a whizz at Adobe Lightroom, asking somebody else take care of all your photo editing will mean you have more time to yourself and your family.


The client always wants to get the ideal finished photos as quickly as possible.

It’s very difficult to catch everything in time. This will influence your reputation, the new customers’ flow, and your profit. Outsourcing your photo retouching speeds up the turnaround twice!

By using outsourcing, we have the chance to increase the number of photo sessions we shoot, safe in the knowledge that we won’t delay under hours of post-production.


If you are amateur in Photoshop or Lightroom but want a high-end level of photographs, photo retouching services are your way out. Study, develop your skills while the photo fixing services edit your images.

They will provide more attractive effects and borders from which your photos will look better.

You know, having a person who’s possibly a much more experienced photo editor than you work on your photos can really open your eyes as to what’s possible in post-production.

photo editing services


One of the biggest benefits of photo editing by yourself is learning from own mistakes and improve photos. When you personally do photo retouching, you improve your skills and become a professional.


Photo retouching services are usually available at any time, 365+ days per year.

photo editing services

Professional photo services CONS


Each photographer has his/her own style of photo retouching, which is why many people doubt whether it is worth trusting the main part of work to someone else?

Can the image editing company take all the comments and make the photo that your customer ordered? Address only those companies who follow your photographic style.

Product photo editing

In order to write this article, we’ve spent much time surfing what we consider to be the best photo editing services in 2018. The most demanded image editing service is about e-commerce photography.

The photos you submit on your website should look perfect to attract a large number of customers.

A visitor to your site should be sure of the quality of your product. You need to have a reliable product photo retouching services  partner that will perform high-end results for you.

photo editing services

The process of creating a product photo in e-commerce consists of three parts: pre-production, production, and post-production.

Pre-production consists of planning and preparing for a photo shoot. Production – is the photo session itself.

photo editing services

Well, the most important and the final part post production is product photo editing.

It includes a large range of actions with a photo.

Basic photo editing service consists of removing the background, clipping path services, aligning the products sequentially on the canvas of the image, setting consistent fields, cropping, compressing images, adjusting the proportions – width and height of the image, and converting to file types such as jpeg and png.

More advanced editing e-commerce services include wrinkle and crease reduction, model skin retouching, adjusting shadows, and product cleanup (like pin, scuff, dirt, and lint removal).

Advantages of outsourcing Photoshop editing for e-commerce

Outsource saves your money and your time on editing image and improve the image quality. All product images must be edited.

photo editing services

Product photography is highly seasonal, so you always have too many or too few retouchers. For example, photos of clothes are seasonal and catalog-oriented.

There are many different options for the production of photos in different seasons.

Therefore, internal retouchers can’t always cope with the tasks set and the company has to hire additional retouchers in intensive time.

When you use photo retouching services, your work will not depend on seasonal fluctuations.

You can edit from 100 to 100000 photos per day, while the photo retouching pricing will depend on the number of photos.

photo editing services

You will receive discounts when you increase the number of images. And you pay for editing photos only when you need it.

What advantages and disadvantages do you see using outsourcing? Do you outsource your editing? Share your experience in comments.

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