How to import PHOTOS AND VIDEOS in Lightroom

In this week’s video, you’ll see how easy it is to create a new catalog and how to import photos and videos in Lightroom.

No matter what version of Lightroom you are using, knowing how to create a catalog and import your photos and videos, Lightroom can edit video to a certain extent, without any problems is the first step towards a great experience and editing for your photos.

How to import PHOTOS AND VIDEOS in Lightroom

Lightroom is a complete program, in addition to editing your photos it is able to catalog, export and of course print your photos. But he may also be able to edit your videos to some extent, things like color correction and exposure can be done in Lightroom for your videos.

In addition to the video at the top of the page, which you can easily follow, I have a complete tutorial on the subject here on the blog , where you can learn all the functions that a photographer needs to use during his life on Lightroom.

So just click on play at the top of the page. With just a few clicks and a little patience the job is done for you without the least effort! Don’t forget to leave your Like and subscribe to the channel !

Written by Rix Mascarenhas

Rix Mascarenhas is a photographer, videographer, and drone pilot at

Art lover, always involved with crafts, design, painting etc... As a photographer, I enjoy taking pictures and creating stories that have meaning and help people to thrive. My work is guided by the stories behind each scene that really represent the moment.

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