How to use gradients in Photoshop – Super simple

In this week’s post talk about how to use gradients in Photoshop to improve your photos and click a very cool scene.

It is always good to have in our toolbox all the options to edit our images and clearly Photoshop is full of these tools. One of them and little used is the gradient tool present in almost all versions of the program.

How to use gradients in Photoshop – Super simple

Photoshop’s gradient tool has more functions than your image, it can help you when coloring an image, when creating a mask and even when creating a color cast in your photos.

Editing photos in Photoshop does not have to be a 7-headed bug, in many ways it is very similar to Lightroom , in others it is totally different but it is not impossible. In the video at the top of the page I will give you a very simple tip on how to use gradients in Photoshop to create not so obvious edits in your photos. Then watch the video!

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Written by Rix Mascarenhas

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