Panasonic GH5. Videos in 4k and 60 FPS

One of the most anticipated cameras of the year, the Panasonic GH5, arrives on the market , taking to the extreme what its predecessor, the GH4, was already doing very well, it is the new benchmark for those who want to make videos.

Counting with a new sense, Micro Four Thirds, of 20.3 MP and without low pass filter, the joint also brings a new processor, two card slots, and image stabilization on the body, it will be very difficult for someone to take the camera position of vloggers this year .

Panasonic Lumix GH5. Videos in 4k and 60 FPS

This is definitely one of the most anticipated cameras of the year, not only by photographers, but also by cinematographers on duty.

In addition to a new sensor, image stabilization and a double SD card slot, this machine also has quite impressive ISO adjustment capabilities , and its performance in low light situations seems to be great.

The autofocus system also got a nice update, now there are 255 focus points compared to 49 on the GH4, more than enough to capture scenes with a lot of action.

But perhaps the most anticipated features have come on your video site. Capable of recording at 4K and 60 frames per second, without cropping, it is also capable of recording in 4: 2: 0 at 150mps.

At 30FPS it is capable of recording 4K video at 10 bits 4: 2: 2, something that will likely receive firmware updates to gain improvements.

A big surprise of Panasonic Lumix GH5 for those who make videos is that it offers by default the Vectorscope and Waveform view right on the camera, making your reading of what is happening easier.

Features that will be very useful for those who use external monitors, for sure a bigger screen will make your life easier in this sense.


Some of the features include …

  • Dual IS 2 – Image stabilization system that combines both sensor and lens systems.      
  • UHS-II – Dual SD card slots – Dual storage system that automatically switches to the second card, once the first one is full, or if you wish you can allocate certain files on one card and other files on the second card in order to facilitate organization      
  • Cast magnesium alloy body capable of withstanding temperatures down to -10 ° C.      
  • Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth are already built into the Panasonic GH5      
  • 225 autofocus points.      
  • Up to 400 shots even when using the rear display      

The product is pre-sold in the USA and we do not know when it will arrive here, and even with all the updates the price is not that salty, of course when compared to other launches, the cost of it is about U $ 2000.00 only for the body.

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