On1 Photo Raw 2018 Resize and Export

At On1 Photo Raw 2018 Resizing and exporting photos may seem difficult at first, but it’s actually a lot easier than it looks.

On1 Photo Raw 2018 Resize and Export

Continuing the saga about On1 Photo Raw 2018, in this week’s video we will see things like resizing images and exporting.

On1’s program is excellent, and without a doubt it has become a key part of my work.

Not just because it has practically all the options of Photoshop and Lightroom within the same program. But also for the price that is much lower than Adobe’s.

We saw in past videos how to organize, edit, wear masks, and more. Now let’s see how to transform these images into panels that can be printed in giant size without losing quality.

You can create presets to export your images much more easily and the feature to resize photos in On1 is absurdly good!

For everyone who follows the videos, this is a series where I demonstrate options for getting rid of Adobe chains. They are programs fully capable of replacing LIghtroom and / or Photoshop in your work.It’s worth taking a look if you want to print your photos on huge panels! See more videos about the program here

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