On1 Photo raw 2018 – Advanced Editing

Hey guys, in today’s video we will see another part of how to edit your photos using On1 Photo Raw.

On1 Photo raw 2018 – Advanced Editing / Tutorial 4 of 6

Today I’m going to do an edition a little more complicated than last week. So glue here today is On1 Photo raw 2018 – Advanced Editing.

For those who are not following this series of videos, the deal is very simple. I have been looking for alternatives to Lightroom and Photoshop.

Why do this you ask yourself.

And the answer is quite simple, to escape the cost of monthly fees that Adobe charges, and to find a program, or programs, that has all the ability to edit the most traditional tools on the market.

On this escape route, we have already found at least two good options and one of them is On1 Photo Raw.

That besides being a super powerful program still has a fixed cost, that is, no monthly fees, after all not only me, but a lot of people are tired of renting programs from (Adobe).

And let’s agree, right, it’s also nice to have options ready for use in your photos, after all, we can’t expect a single tool to be able to do all the work.See the other videos in this series here

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