Canon's new mirrorless camera is coming

If EOS M3,Canon’s new mirrorless camera looks familiar, it’s because it’s already available in some places outside this middle of this year.

Now Canon has announced that the M3 will be making its debut across the US in October.

The M3 is the successor to the M2, which in fact was never officially made for the American market.

It has a 24.2 megapixel APS-C sensor with a DIGIC 6 image processor, as well as a 49-point hybrid focus system, which Canon says is six times faster than the M2.

Canon's new mirrorless camera is coming - Top view

The back of the camera is equipped with a tilting 3-inch touch screen with 1,040,000 resolution points.

This is the main way to compose images, unless you opt for the electronic viewfinder, which is an optional accessory and goes mounted in place of the flash.

The front of the camera has improved grip, which makes the camera a bit more ergonomic than the previous M.

Canon's new mirrorless camera is coming - backview

Canon’s new mirrorless camera will be a candidate to generate competition because its price forecast in the USA is U$679 only the body and U$ 799.00 with the kit lens 18-55mm.
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